Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The New BagpipeLessons.com 30 Day Practice Challenge for March 2011!

Last year, over 200 pipers from around the world joined together for the first BagpipeLessons.com 30 Day Practice Challenge. With the simple commitment to practice every day for 30 days, we discovered how dedicated, sustained practice routine can lead to big breakthroughs. Together, with beginners and world-class competitors and pipers from all levels in between, we shared practice tips, inspiration, and encouragement!

I'm thrilled to announce a new expanded and improved 30 Day Practice Challenge for March 2011. On March 1, we'll begin a month of fun and focus filled with educational tips, sheet music for tunes and exercises, mp3s, audio recordings, videos, live call-in question and answer sessions, and much, much more!

Each day you'll receive an email with your daily challenge and your specific focus for the day along with tips for staying excited and motivated to keep practicing. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your personal successes by sharing video and audio files with the group.

Whether your goal is to get more comfortable with the basics, to get ready for upcoming competitions, or simply to get more enjoyment and fulfillment from your piping... Sign up today! The 30 Day Practice Challenge is a fun way to make some real progress towards your piping goals.

$59.99  Sign up today and discover what everyone is talking about!

Help us spread the word! After you sign up, if you get three friends to join the 30 Day Practice Challenge, I'll refund your entire sign up fee and you can take part for free!

Traditional in-person piping workshops and summer schools are fun, but they can cost hundreds of dollars with time-consuming travel, costly tuition, and room and board expenses. With the BagpipeLessons.com 30 Day Practice Challenge you can complete your daily practice challenges at a time and place that is convenient for your schedule and lifestyle.

Some topics we will cover during the 30 Day Practice Challenge:
  • Technique
  • Tuning
  • Sight reading
  • Setting goals
  • Expression and phrasing
  • How to practice effectively
  • Metronomes
  • Performing
  • Tune types and idioms
  • Memorization
  • Blowing steady
  • Getting ready for competition
  • Setting goals
  • Learning tunes quickly
  • Tracking your progress
  • Identifying common mistakes
  • Selecting and making adjustments to chanter reeds
  • Doublings, grips, taorluaths, D throws, and birls
  • Self-recording
  • Listening
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • Making a secret hit list
  • The myth of talent
  • Making time for practice
  • Keeping practice fun
  • Picking the right tunes
  • Making your pipes easy to play
  • Piobaireachd
  • How to be the perfect pipe band player
  • Expressing strathspeys
  • ...and more!

Do you have specific topics or skill areas would you like to see covered in the 30 Day Practice Challenge? When you sign up, I'll send you a brief Pre-Challenge Questionnaire where you can share your suggestions and we'll make sure that your topics are included.

I founded BagpipeLessons.com in 1999 and I've enjoyed teaching the pipes to students of all ability levels from around the world. I've always enjoyed using exciting, new technologies to bring the best traditional bagpipe teaching methods to pipers around the world. I'm very excited about this new 30 Day Practice Challenge.

BagpipeLessons.com 30 Day Practice Challenge 
$59.99  Sign up today and join our active learning community!

Sign up today and drop me a note if you have any questions!

Jori Chisholm
Founder and Chief Instructor

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