Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You're invited to join the all-new Studio!

I'm thrilled to announce the all-new Studio -- the world's newest and most exciting bagpipe learning website!

Until now, membership in the Studio has been by invitation-only. Today I'm offering an invitation for all visitors to my blog to join the Studio. This is an opportunity to take your piping to the next level!

The Studio is rich with premium content, fully interactive, and gives you complete access to lessons and multi-media materials -- stuff you won't find anywhere else, including high-quality videos, mp3s, tunes, exercises, practice tips, and more!

The Studio is a collaborative community where you can make and submit videos for comments, make suggestions for lesson topics, get answers to your piping questions, and share inspiration.

The Studio has a huge and constantly growing library of lessons, tunes, demonstrations, learning tools, practice tips, and exercises, with more content being added almost daily! Every lesson features a discussion area where Studio members can share tips, ask questions, and get help from me - and each other!

Detailed lessons cover all aspects of piping including:

Bagpipe Set Up
Competing & Performing
Equipment & Gear
Fingering & Technique
Learning Tunes
Practice Tips
Tone & Tuning
Highlighting Tunes
Drone Reeds
Crossing Noises
The Dot-Cut
Perfect GDEs
Elements of Technique
Tuning Your Chanter
Secrets of Drone Tuning
Performing Under Pressure
Learn tunes efficiently by avoiding common mistakes
Keeping Track of Your Practicing
Perfect Doublings
Deliberate Practice
Tips for Playing Clean and Fast
Strathspey Triplets
The Practice Checklist
Answers to Your Questions
Getting the most out of your practice
Listening & Learning from Others
Making Your Pipes Easy to Play
Selecting & Adjusting Chanter Reeds

...and more!

The Studio also features short-term and long-term workshops that target specific tunes, idioms, and skills to help you prepare for upcoming competitions and performances and to help you reach your piping goals!

The information in these detailed, high-quality lessons would cost thousands of dollars to cover in traditional private lessons. But, now you can have complete access to everything at the Studio for only a few dollars a month.

Let's get started!

To accept your invitation, sign up for the Studio today:
regular price: $20/month or $240/year
Special Offer: $216 for the entire year ($18/month) 10% off the regular price!

Once you've signed up:
• Check out the full list of lessons, tunes, videos, mp3s, and more
• Update your personal profile
• Ask a question, make a comment, or just say hello to the other members of the Studio!

In the coming weeks, the Studio will be open for membership to everyone, but this special offer is available for a limited number of people and for a limited time. Sign up today and don't miss a thing!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at the Studio!