Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Feature! Bagpipe Workout Videos

I've started a new feature here on -- a series of Bagpipe Workout videos.

The goal of these short videos is to give pipers the most effective way to practice. These videos are based on the exercises that I have developed over the years and used with great success in my own playing and with my students.

Press play and follow along! You'll find you will improve immediately and keep improving as you keep practicing.

(The first video below has been posted via YouTube. In the future, the videos will be available for download so you can watch them on your computer, burn to CD/DVD, watch on your phone or iPod. Also, you'll be able to adjust the speed of the video clips to suit your level!) Bagpipe Workout - GDEs
These three gracenote combinations are an important part of all pipe tunes, but especially jigs, reels, and some Piobaireachds.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Bellingham Highland Games Recap

I won the Professional Solo Piping Aggregate on Saturday at the Bellingham Highland Games, with a first in the Piobaireachd and fourth in the March, Strathspey, and Reel.

The band played twice in competition on Saturday and got all firsts from the eighth judges. The band played again on Sunday, a wee show of 10 or so sets.

Here's are some nice high res photos of the band in action:

And here are videos from the band's two competition sets....

The Medley:

The MSR: