Monday, December 15, 2008

Limited Edition Autographed "Scottish Pipers" Book

Last year, I was thrilled to find out I made it in to Colin Baxter's new photo book Scottish Pipers. Colin is probably Scotland's most famous photographer, you've likely seen his great images of castles, glens, and mountains on calendars, postcards, and coffee table books.
I have obtained a limited batch of books autographed by Colin Baxter himself!

They are for sale until they are all gone. These would make a great gift for a piper or a fan of bagpipes or anything Scottish. The new book is his first on pipers and it has some great photographs.

Limited Edition Autographed Scottish Pipers Book

Here are a few images from the book. The cover (with mandatory Royal Stewart tartan and feather bonnet):

The title page (yours truly piping at Glenfinnan. A rare day of glorious sunshine!):

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ten New Tune Downloads!

I am excited to announce the addition of Ten New Tune Lesson Downloads available for instant download. The lessons are a complete learning solution, so you'll be able to learn these tunes faster than ever before. The lessons include a high quality mp3 recording of the tune, sheet music that perfectly shows how the tune should be expressed, a detailed audio lesson, and BONUS material.

This brings the complete list of Tune Lessons Downloads to seventy-four, including seventy of the best known piping tunes and four classic Piobaireachds.

The Tune Lesson Downloads complete collection includes:
• twelve 2/4 Marches
• seven 3/4 Marches
• ten 4/4 Marches
• five 6/8 Marches
• one 9/8 March
• twelve Slow Airs
• three Strathspeys
• two Reels
• seven Hornpipes
• nine Jigs
• two Other
• four Piobaireachds

The new batch of tunes includes:
• When the Battle's O'er
• King George V's Army
• The Minstrel Boy
• The Dawning of the Day
• The Barren Rocks of Aden
and more!

Check out the new tunes!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Vote for Bagpipe Revolution for Album of the Year!

Great news! PipesDrums, the web's most prominent bagpipe news site, has nominated Bagpipe Revolution for Album of the Year. This year the winner will be selected by popular vote, so I need your vote for my album!

Click here to vote for Album of the Year!!!

The album has been out for a few weeks and the great reviews have been rolling in.

"fantastic stuff... bloody great!"

"we were completely mesmerized... LOVE IT!"

"not only great piping but very unique."

"a really broad and entertaining approach."

"enjoyed all the tracks which is pretty amazing really."

"the track that really hit me was the Piobaireachd with the harmony."

Visit to read more reviews, listen to preview tracks, view artist and track details, see glimpses of the cover and artwork, and get your own copy of the CD.

Listen to the track 9, Evolution: