Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First-Ever Online Piping Competition

Happy New Year!

We've had a number of firsts here at
Today, an exciting opportunity to test your piping skills against pipers from around the world and another first...  the worlds first-ever Online Piping Competition.

For those pipers familiar with the competition scene, the Online Piping Competition will have many similarities, but a couple of differences.  Here's how it will work.

  • Pick the event you want to compete in (see below)
  • Send in your entry (each event limited to 20 competitors)
  • Make a recording (either video or audio) -- this is your competition entry!
  • Submit your entry and recording by February 1.
  • Wait for the results!
All competitors will receive a full judging comment sheet.  Prizes will be awarded according to the number of entries.  Top prize winners will receive scholarship gift certificates that can be used at,,, or

1. Beginner (practice chanter) - Slow Air (at least 2 parts) 
2. Beginner (practice chanter) - Any March (2 or 4 parts)
3. Grade 5 - Slow Air (at least 2 parts)
4. Grade 5 - 2/4 March (4 parts)
5. Grade 4 - 2/4 March (4 parts)
6. Grade 4 - Strathspey & Reel (each tune at least 4 parts)
7. Grade 3 - 2/4 March (4 parts)
8. Grade 3 - Strathspey & Reel (each tune at least 4 parts)
9. Grade 2 - March, Strathspey & Reel (each tune at least 4 parts)
10. Grade 2 - Jig (at least 4 parts)
11. Grade 1 - March, Strathspey & Reel (each tune at least 4 parts)
12. Grade 1 - Jig (played twice, at least 4 parts)
13. Ungraded - Any tune (except Piobaireachd)  *NEW*  This is a non-competitive, evaluation event.  Your performance will be evaluated by a judge who will write a complete judging sheet, but you will not be compared to any other pipers.  Submit as many tunes as you like.

Rules: Your recording must be made on or after January 15 and no later than the deadline of February 1.  Use a video camera or audio recorder.  Take as many tries as you want to make your competition, but all recordings must be made in one complete take (no editing!).  If you are making a video recording, position the camera so that your entire body (head to toe) is visible.  Entry fee $5.00 per event.

*UPDATE* Judges:  
Andrew P. Hayes, Inverness Gold Medal Winner 2010
Alan Bevan, Inverness Gold Medal Winner 2008
Additional judges to be announced soon!

Enter here today for events #1-12:

How many events do you want enter?
Which event numbers?

Enter here today for Special Event #13:

How many tunes do you want to submit for evaluation and receive a judge's comment sheet?


Jori Chisholm said...

Cool photo by Mary C Gardella

Anonymous said...

Will we be able to hear all the entries?

Jori Chisholm said...

I'm not sure about *all* of the entries. But after the judges have listened, I will ask the pipers if they would let us post them for others to hear. But we won't post anyone's recording online without asking first!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jori.

Is there a reference as to what the prerequisites are for a piper to be considered a "Grade 5" player? I have never competed and I'm not sure what the difference would be between a person you consider "Beginner" and a "Grade 5". Thx. Great initiative by the way!

Jori Chisholm said...

Great question! Beginner is on practice chanter. So, if you want to enter the competition playing pipes, then enter Grade 5.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jori,
When making a video or audio recording, do you want us to include tuning? Or would you like it to start as we are about to get into the tunes?

Army Piper said...

Hi Jori,
How do we submit the video, I'm concerned it could be too large to email.

Ryan said...

This is quite clever Jori! I am looking forward to submitting! Do this again and again please!!!

Jori Chisholm said...

The best and easiest way would be to post to youtube and send me the link. It could be a private video if you don't want to make it public.

Alex Rod said...

Shall I march MARCHEs?

Matthias said...

I have a question relating to 2/4 Marches: do they have to be 2/4 competition type marches? What are the differences between

4. Grade 5 - 2/4 March (4 parts)
5. Grade 4 - 2/4 March (4 parts)
7. Grade 3 - 2/4 March (4 parts)



Jori Chisholm said...


The grades refer to the different levels of competition. If you haven't competed before you should probably enter Grade 5.

Good luck!

Matthias said...

Thanks Jori for your prompt answer. Maybe the "Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering" is a suitable march for grade 4? or even higher level?

André said...

I've got a CPA C grade and I competed in open events in Scotland but without any success. Am I allowed to take part?

Jori Chisholm said...


I think your CPA grading and your experience competing puts you into the Open category. So, stay tuned and feel free to enter our future open competitions. But, this competition is for amateurs only.


Anonymous said...

Do you have an email we should send the recordings to?

Jori Chisholm said...

I will be in touch via email with all competitors on Jan. 15 -- the first day that you are allowed to make your recording and send it in.

Anonymous said...

Should we be wearing full attire or are casual clothes okay?

Jori Chisholm said...

Kilt is optional!

Anonymous said...

hi, where do i send the link with my tune vid?
and can i give you the link on feb 1 or not? would it be to late?

Jori Chisholm said...

I sent the info to all registered competitors. Send me your email address and I'll send you all the info.

Anonymous said...

I'm Curious as to when and where the results will be posted. There must be hundreds of videos and recordings to go through.