Friday, February 05, 2010

New! VIDEO Lesson Downloads (UPDATE: Second Video and BONUS pdf added!)

Today, I'm very excited to announce a new feature on -- Video Lesson Downloads.  This new learning solution takes the Tune Lesson Downloads to the next level with high quality video!

It's been over three since years since I created the incredibly popular Tune Lesson Downloads.  This innovative learning solution includes sheet music, an mp3 recording of the tune, an mp3 audio lesson on the tune, and bonus material.  Pipers from all over the world have learned some of the best known piping tunes easier and faster than ever before.

Today, you can be one of the first pipers to experience the new Video Lesson Downloads, now available for instant download. Watch the video on your computer or even take it with you to watch on your iPod or iPhone! Video Lesson Download: The D Throw   

Here's a clearly detailed step-by-step lesson on how to play the D Throw, one of piping's most common finger embellishments.
  • Learn the secrets to making a perfectly timed and executed D Throw everytime. 
  • Learn the important difference between the two styles of D Throw.  
  • Watch and listen to the D Throw exercise played perfectly.  
  • Play along with the video to perfect your D Throw and build consistency.
Includes a BONUS pdf one sheet with a full written description of the D Throw, expanded notation of both the light and heavy D Throw, and the D Throw exercise demonstrated in the video.

    UPDATE!  I've added a second Video Lesson Download... Video Lesson Download: How to Tie in a Bag  

    This hands on Video Lesson demonstrates every step of tying in a new bag.
    • How to remove your old pipe bag
    • Learn what tools and supplies you'll need to get the job done right
    • Tips for keeping your stocks permanently tight
    • The different ways to tie in the drones stocks vs. the chanter stock.

    I'll be adding many more of these Video Lesson Downloads very soon to cover all areas of piping.  The added visual dimension of the video is perfect for demonstrating the essentials of many piping skill areas.
    • All the gracenotes, doublings, and embellishments
    • Tuning
    • Blowing steady
    • Setting up drone reeds
    • Making your pipes as efficient as possible
    • Tying in a new pipe bag
    • Maintenance
    • Expression
    • Piobaireachd
    • ...and many, many more...
    If you have a great idea for a Video Lesson Download, please send me an email or post it in the comments below.  Thanks!

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