Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ten New Tune Downloads!

I am excited to announce the addition of Ten New Tune Lesson Downloads available for instant download. The lessons are a complete learning solution, so you'll be able to learn these tunes faster than ever before. The lessons include a high quality mp3 recording of the tune, sheet music that perfectly shows how the tune should be expressed, a detailed audio lesson, and BONUS material.

This brings the complete list of Tune Lessons Downloads to seventy-four, including seventy of the best known piping tunes and four classic Piobaireachds.

The Tune Lesson Downloads complete collection includes:
• twelve 2/4 Marches
• seven 3/4 Marches
• ten 4/4 Marches
• five 6/8 Marches
• one 9/8 March
• twelve Slow Airs
• three Strathspeys
• two Reels
• seven Hornpipes
• nine Jigs
• two Other
• four Piobaireachds

The new batch of tunes includes:
• When the Battle's O'er
• King George V's Army
• The Minstrel Boy
• The Dawning of the Day
• The Barren Rocks of Aden
and more!

Check out the new tunes!

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