Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey Look! I'm on the cover!

Well... almost!
I didn't make the cover, but I did make the title page of Colin Baxter's new book Scottish Pipers.  Colin is probably Scotland's most famous photographer, you've likely seen his great images of castles, glens, and mountains on calendars, postcards, and coffee table books.  

The new book is his first on pipers and it has some great photographs.

The cover (with mandatory Royal Stewart tartan and feather bonnet):

The title page (yours truly piping at Glenfinnan.  A rare day of glorious sunshine!):

The back cover (more feather bonnets!):


Terry said...

A rare day of glorious sunshine!

That explains why your eyes were closed...I thought you were napping.

Jori said...

Not napping.. Deep Concentration!