Friday, July 06, 2007

Moving to No-Man's Land

I'm wondering about your webcam lessons, and how appropriate they are for non-beginner pipers. I will be moving to piping no-man's-land later this summer. I'd like to keep my piping up, but there will be no one around to teach me. I haven't had many lessons in recent years, relying instead on a combination of band practices and band tutoring.

Yes! My long distance learning opportunities are perfect for someone like you. You can start with some of my Tune Lesson Downloads to get started learning some fun, new material. If you have a webcam and a good internet connection, we can do some webcam lessons -- they work just like real in-person lessons but we meet using free video chat software on your computer. We could also do lessons by tape (or mp3 or CD), just send me a recording of the tunes you are working on and I'll listen to them and record a custome lesson for you including tips for improvement, learning strategies, and demonstrations on the practice chanter. It's never been easier to learn the pipes -- no matter where you live!

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